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Whittlesey & District IDB choose Sitewatch Remote Control And Monitoring

Whittlesey & District IDB (W&DIDB) placed an order with UK electronics firm Lee-Dickens Ltd, for their internet based, remote control and monitoring solution

Sitewatch™ telemetry is being rolled out across 14 pump stations, with installation work scheduled to start in April 2017. The system will be commissioned and fully operational by July 2017. 

The telemetry package will enable W&DIDB to improve its management of water levels throughout the district. It will provide a more intimate view of channel water levels, enabling a faster response to equipment faults, reducing the risk of costly flood damage to surrounding crops, buildings and other assets. 

Lee-Dickens are providing W&DIDB with a turnkey solution, supplying analogue and digital sensors, cabling and cable management, remote terminal units and a graphic-based user interface. 

Sitewatch™ will monitor the operational and electrical status of water pumps and weed screens, upstream water levels and other environmental parameters. 

Future Proof 
W&DIDB sourced the most efficient and cost effective monitoring package that offered them an immediate impact, versatile enough to support further expansion as pump stations and the assets within are upgraded. At the heart of the monitoring system will be the Midi8 Remote Terminal Units (RTU's) designed by Lee-Dickens. The unit has a communication module that supports multiple formats; expandable physical analogue and digital I/O as well as serial ports for connection to intelligent devices such as PLCs. 

A Hosted Solution 
The internet based monitoring solution hosted by Lee-Dickens affords W&DIDB all the benefits of a fully-fledged SCADA system without the responsibility of supporting the telemetry servers themselves, a task typically undertaken by an IT department. There will be no concern with hardware or software obsolescence, leaving the WIDIDB to concentrate on the day to day running of their drainage system. 

Reduction in failures and downtime Active graphics mimic the status of pumps, weed screens and water levels in real time; graphs constructed from logged data will enable W&DIDB to better manage resources. With time, historical information gathered by Sitewatch™ will enable targeted maintenance, help lower W&DIDB's repair costs and reduce down time by predicting faults before they occur. 

Monitoring 24/7 
A secure internet based monitoring system provides access to Telemetry data from home or work at any time of day or night. The automated email and text message alerts generated will enable better management of work load, targeting high priority concerns first.


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