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Telemetry upgrade brings together pump monitoring and CCTV

South Holland IDB has upgraded its telemetry, rolling out a new Lee-Dickens hosted Sitewatch™ telemetry system to 20 regional pump stations. 

The IDB opted for the Sitewatch™ Anywhere cloud based remote control & monitoring solution, providing all the benefits of a SCADA system over internet with the additional advantage of integrated CCTV. 

At the heart of the monitoring system is the Midi8 Remote Terminal Unit designed and manufactured by Lee-Dickens. With the Midi8 we can monitor and operate remote controls via physical I/O as well as connecting serially to our pump station PLCs. 

For sluices and remote water levels where no power or phone lines are available, the Micro Remote Terminal Unit with the Solar Pack option has been used. The pole mount assembly kept the mechanical footprint small and simplified our installation process. The solar pack technology provided a low cost, environmentally friendly power source for both RTU and water level sensor. 

Integrated CCTV
South Holland IDB has recently made further investment in the telemetry by introducing Sitewatch integrated CCTV to their key sites. Sitewatch provides a “one-click” link to high definition colour CCTV video streams of each pump station site. 

The integrated CCTV system compliments the Sitewatch remote control and monitoring application by enabling staff to check the status of pumping stations and plant equipment. Being able to check the surrounding environment assists with health and safety. It enables the IDB to check that pumping station personnel or members of the public are not at risk before operating the remote controls. 

To date, SHIDB have found that the benefits of our integrated CCTV have included:  

  • Pump Station & Depot security. 
  • Personnel Health and Safety.  
  • Monitoring of loan working. 
  • Monitor the status of pump station sites and plant assets.  
  • Check the environment before operating remote controls.  
  • Provides visual feedback following remote operation of pumps and weed screens. 
  • Used to check the status of local control panel indication. 

The CCTV system is securely accessed over the internet using the pumping station's ADSL/ ISDN lines. A 4G wireless router option was offered for sites without phone lines. Both require a fixed IP (public IP address). 

Those key pumping stations have a four channel hybrid (5–in–1) high definition DVR providing connections to both fixed and pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ) cameras. The 1TB hard drive specified, provides weeks of locally archived video footage that can be accessed and saved locally or remotely across the internet. 

Pan, Tilt & Zoom 
The cameras are colour high definition 1080P, auto focus with day and night vision. As a cost saving exercise, the IDB chose to utilise the CCTV systems Patrol Mode. This enables a single PTZ camera to follow a pre-set tour as opposed to multiple fixed camera installations. The PTZ cameras' programmed tour can be overridden to enable manual control, reverting back to automated operation after a period of inactivity.


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